Monday, November 3, 2008

Toy Soap Story II

So...I'm short on time which means this is going to be a short entry...

For those of you who are faithful followers of this blog (Sara) you will remember the story about Wyatt and Ella building "sand castles" on the basement carpet with laundry

Well, never to be outdone by her younger siblings, Jada (age 4 and extremely cute) decided to vie for my attention by lacing the carpet with liquid hand soap. Yes, it is true! My children are artists and their chosen medium is soap.

After nearly losing it; I asked Jada, "What was your inspiration?" to which I received a blank stare. I followed up with "What were you thinking...why did you do that?"; Jada paused for a moment, looked down and then looked at me and said, "I thought it was fun?" As you may have noticed, Jada did give her answer in the form of a question...however, the answer was wrong!

(NOTE: possible correct answers may have included: 1) the devil made me do it?; 2) I was trying to clean up Wyatt and Ella's mess?; or 3) Because I am a child of God...with parents kind and dear?)

The story only gets better, or worst...

In the process of cleaning up the liquid soap with lots and lots and lots of water, infinitesimally small soap particles from the earlier soap fiasco were brought to life, raised from the carpet in a lathery resurrection. UNBELIEVABLE!!! was such a big mess! Finally (between sobs) I closed-throatily screeched "Uncle" and gave up for the night. Eventually I rented a carpet cleaning machine (with defoamer) and cleaned it up.

What have I learned:

1) I can't write a short blog entry;
2) I no longer only hate bubbles, but I now hate all of bubbles' relatives; and
3) The Skonnard family must have the "make messes" gene.

(NOTE: As of October 2008, all soap is banned from the Conklin house. If you are planning to visit our home, please wash your hands with your own soap at your own home before AND after your visit.)