Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rediscovering "Meet Joe Black"

Have you seen "Meet Joe Black"? I mean recently. Tonight, following a post-presidential-debate conversation with my wife, I began surfing around to see what was on. I saw that MJB was on and commented aloud, "Hey, remember this was kind of a weird one..." and then promptly commenced watching.

In accordance with the male code of television etiquette, my original intent was to watch until the commercial and then turn to something else. However, the commercials came and went and I found myself intently watching MJB. I was really enjoying the movie.

Sara's attention quickly left her book (Amazon finally delivered "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn", which means I, the kids, and the house are on our own for a couple weeks...Thanks Stephanie Meyer!) and she started watching as well. I'm not sure what the difference was this time through; however we both thought it was a really good movie.

In all fairness, we missed the first fifty minutes, or so, which may have made the difference. The movie is extremely long (3.5 hrs including commercials) and perhaps the shortened viewing brought the movie within my attention span. It could also be the fact that I am now a father and therefore could better identify with Anthony Hopkins' feelings and emotions. Whatever the change, I enjoyed it.

Past experiences of "rediscovering" an old movie have been less favorable. For example, my all-time favorite movie as a child was "Lady Hawk"; a love story set in Medieval times about two lovers who, due to a curse, each live their lives as animals during opposing times of the day. He was a wolf by night, and she was a hawk by day (and by "she" I mean Michelle Pfieffer; an instant and persistent childhood crush). Anywho, when Lady Hawk first came out on DVD I quickly rented it and began watching with high hopes of a nostalgic rebirth. BAD IDEA! That movie stinks! All my precious childhood memories, warm fuzzies, and general good will stemming from that movie were dashed to pieces. I was horribly disappointed. Fortunately I stopped the movie after about 30 minutes, and defeatedly scrapped together my remaining memories and locked them deep inside my broken heart. I guess some things rely on muted and innocent childhood memories to retain their brightness.

If for some reason you decide you would like to rediscover a childhood movie, you may want to ask yourself the following questions first:

1) Did this movie shape your life in any respect?

2) Can you buy this movie in the $5.99 DVD bin at Walmart?

3) Did you last see the movie prior to High School and/or puberty?

4) Was the movie based in fantasy, science fiction, or use "little people" as cast members?

5) Did any of the leading stars go on to have a successful career in something other than acting?


6) Are you in a stable, supportive relationship?


Aunty Em said...

It's about time, my blogging brother.

What are you talking about? I love the $5.00 Walmart movie bin.
Although the last 3 movies I bought from it have sucked (I guess they were all ones I saw in high school too), but still...... $5.00, hello.

I look forward to many more posts from you!

Danielle Logan said...

Ha ha ha! I totally know what you mean. I mean, look at Labrynth (totally thought David Bowie was not only amazingly attractive but that the overall acting was top-notch-wrong!, however, the Swamp of Eternal Stench scene is still hilarious! check it out), Hugabunch (LAME!), or Something Wicked This Way Comes (not even scary!, and the story line? meh.)
Anyway, just thought I would concur on your hypothesis that watching movies from your childhood of which you have fond memories are best left there and not on your t.v. screen.

Anna Cosby said...

Hey, This is Anna Cosby (Walker). Remember me? I saw your link on Dani's blog and decided to be a blog stalker. The only thing I remember from this movie is when Brad Pitt is hit by the car and is thrown all over the place. Wow, that was wierd.