Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Entry for the sake of an entry

I guess this is my first blog entry just for the sake of blogging. What is new with me...?

Well, for the past 13+ months we have been making double mortgage, no, not on the same house (silly), on our summer home in exotic Omaha, Nebraska! I suggested that we find a summer home somewhere not quite so, so...inland, however, the price was right and it was conveniently located near law school. We actually got the home at a pretty good price with the thought that we would live in the home during school, fix it up, and then sell it. Our plan played out nearly to perfection, except for selling part.

We put the house on the market at the beginning of August 2007. Now, I don't have any solid evidence, however I have it on good authority that wall street had specific knowledge that we were putting our house on the market and consequently screwed up the housing market to add yet one more challenge to my life. If you know anything about me, none of my big decisions (except marriage) go exactly as I plan. Things always work out, mind you, just not according to my masterfully crafted plans.

For example:
Following graduation and the subsequent selling of our Omaha home, we knew that we would have a brief hiatus from repaying our student loans and thought that this would be a perfect time to enjoy our new salary and buy some things for the new (Utah) home; you like an attorney!!! Uhh, WRONG! It seems that the housing market crash exactly coincided with our placing our home on the market. So, for the last year we have been making double payments and sadly watching the prices of both our homes drop.

However, as of October 15, 2008 we will no longer be the owner of two homes!!! That's right, after 13 months of stress and worry (as well as prayers and fasting) we have found a buyer for our home! Granted, being in the uber-powerful buying position that they are, they have pretty much hosed us for anything and everything that they want (yeah...we're going to lose close to $3K). Yet, I DON'T CARE!!! I am past caring. My feeling is that the market is going to continue to plummet (regardless of the bailout plan) and this sale is really going to cut our losses short. I just want this burden, this obnoxious liability to be gone and out of my life. I want it to be someone else's problem and source of stress!

NOTE: If you are the buyer of our home, and you are reading this blog entry prior to October 15, 2008, please know that it has been a pleasure working with you and that it breaks our hearts to have to sell our cottage of love. However, knowing that our first abode will be inhabited by such genuinely caring and honorable individuals as yourselves helps to heal the wounds of our hearts and gladden our emotionally fragile memories. Please know that if there is anything, anything at all that we can do to further assist you in this purchase, our doors and our hearts are open to you. Don't forget to cross your t's and dot your i's!

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Aunty Em said...

Dangit! I was going to ask you if we could use your summer home on our next exotic getaway to Omaha. Bummer.